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Byt transforms customer interaction

Byt revolutionises menu visibility and sharing. Our real-time platform allows you to highlight and alter the most specific elements of your dishes. At the click of a button, our outlet partners can offer truly tailored food offerings.

But size isn’t everything! Regardless of whether you’re an upmarket restaurant, artisanal bistro, fast-food truck or gluten free gastro pub - we want to hear from you.

Byt Urban

Byt Urban encompasses the modern-day experience of quick, simple and specialised ‘dining’, in an informal or external environment.


  • Street food/No table service
  • Singular menu
  • Dish specialised

Byt Cosmo

Byt Cosmopolitan represents modern day casual dining, with outlets utilising their brand mission, food speciality and physical space to provide an experience that creates value, drives personalisation and emotes authenticity to diners.


  • Experience driven
  • Table service
  • Casual
  • Expansive menu

To learn more about our Byt Urban and Byt Cosmo outlet offerings, drop us an email at:

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Is tech the answer to flexitarianism?

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According to recent figures from YouGov, 14% of the UK population currently consider themselves to be flexitarian. Also known as ‘casual vegetarianism’, it is an increasingly popular plant-based diet that allows for the odd meat-based meal. In fact, the movement continues to grow ever more popular as people seek new ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

On the flip-side, those following the flexitarian movement often have their diets totally disregarded by peers. To some, claiming to be flexitarian is the same as being labelled as a ‘fake’ vegetarian - or worse, a vegetarian with some serious commitment issues. Not cool. It’s safe to say that being a flexitarian is not an easy choice, as being bombarded with anti-meat messaging and being restricted by a lack of meat-substitutes on menus sometimes makes it easier to untick ‘meat-free’ box and buy a burger.

In fact, the evolution of flexitarianism is part of a wider movement where more of us are seeking a new autonomy over what we eat. Attitudes are gradually starting to shift, for example, with over half of Brits believing that meat is a necessary component of a satisfactory meal. At Byt, we’re not the sole advocates for veganism, vegetarianism, flexitarian or any other movement, but we believe that more can be done to aid this self-governing food revolution.

So, how can tech fulfil our desire to have tighter control over the food choices we make? First and foremost, technology has brought us access to more information than ever – from access to more options, finer menu details, and an increase in the speed to which we can search for relevant information. In a world where non-meat eaters are still relatively restricted by a lack of meat-substitutes, technology has enabled easy access to a range of ingredients and dishes that are indeed suitable.

What is missing, however, is the ability to access this information at the click of a button when out and about – through a dedicated, comprehensive app. This is where Byt comes in to play, and now, we’re beginning to question whether flexitarianism is set to skyrocket in popularity if people are given total control over their food choices.

Through Byt’s free data-driven discovery tool, foodies will now be able to specify the most specific of dietary requirements in order to instantly match them with outlets and dishes that best fit their needs. This means that for flexitarians, we’re helping to revolutionise menu visibility - all by highlighting relevant real-time dish options and the most specific of ingredient information. So now, it’s far easier for flexitarians to find their dish of choice at the same outlet whereby their meat-eating friends will also be satisfied. It’s a win-win.